How Do I Obtain A Statement From A Witness?

The importance of a credible witness cannot be overstated. A witness who is not credible can negatively impact your case, especially if they are the one telling the story. In this post we will discuss what makes a credible witness and how you can ensure that you are speaking with someone who will be able to help your case stand out from the others that come through similar circumstances. (more…)

What Are The Factors That Lead To A Dog To Attack And Bite?

Dogs are typically calm animals, but they can be aggressive if they feel threatened or aren’t properly socialized with humans. In some cases, a dog’s attack may have been the result of an owner training the animal inappropriately. It’s important to understand how dogs think so you can avoid situations that could lead to injury or death for yourself and your pet. (more…)

What Are The Ways of Dealing With An Insurance Adjuster To Handle Negotiations?

Most people who have had a car accident or other mishap are happy to get some money from their insurance company, but many don’t realize that there are different types of claims adjusters. An insurance claims adjuster is someone who assesses a claim and determines how much compensation you will receive. This person can be helpful and friendly, but they also work for the company that holds your policy (or has an agreement with it) to pay out the final settlement amount. Knowing what questions to ask when dealing with an insurance claims adjuster will help ensure that you get what you deserve. (more…)

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Dangerous?

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous because the rider is exposed to the elements and has less protection than an automobile. In addition, since motorcycles are not enclosed, riders can be injured or killed when thrown from their bikes, which can also fall over if they skid or get hit by another vehicle. The best way to get the maximum compensation after a motorcycle accident is by hiring a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident cases. (more…)

Tips For Winning A Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claim

Plaintiffs that manage to win such a claim have either an acceptable proof or supportive testimony from an expert.

Advantages to utilization of an expert witness

An expert can explain complex issues to the jury and an expert can explain a given doctor’s diagnosis. Sometimes the experts speaking for a given victim can challenge the defendant’s team of Grimsby injury lawyers. (more…)