My Dog Bit Someone- What Do I Do Now?

If your dog bit someone, it’s likely that they will want to take legal action against you. This can be scary if you’re not prepared for it. Luckily, there are steps that can help you handle the situation legally and keep your dog safe at the same time.

People You Need To Get in Touch with After a Dog Bite

You should first contact the victim and offer your assistance. It is a good idea to call the police and report the incident, as well as your insurance company. If there is any damage or injury caused by your dog’s bite, you will have to pay for that as well.

You should also call a personal injury lawyer in Timmins and make sure that he/she understands what happened so they can give advice on how best to proceed in regards to legal action against them (and their insurance company). This can help ensure that everything goes smoothly when dealing with lawyers who may not know what happened during an attack by one of their clients’ pets!

If possible, try calling local veterinarians who specialize in animal bites; they’ll likely be able to give advice about whether or not filing charges would be worth pursuing further down this road.”

Don’t Shy Away from Quarantining Your Dog if Necessary

Quarantine means keeping your dog away from other dogs while they’re recovering from their wounds or undergoing treatment for rabies. You can go through this process yourself or hire someone else (like a vet) to help with it.

Make sure not only does the person being quarantined have access to food and water during this time period but also that there are plenty of other options available such as newspapers on which he/she can lie down when needed; toys for playtime; pillows for comfort; etcetera…

When you’re dealing with a dangerous-dog complaint, be prepared to be sued

If the victim files a lawsuit and wins, the court will order your dog to be euthanized. If he loses (or settles), he can still get his money back from the city or county that ordered it—but only if they don’t accept liability for any damages caused by your pet. The same goes if someone sues on behalf of the victim’s family: They can take up to $25k in punitive damages per incident and an additional amount equal to three times what they would have received had they not been injured by your pet’s actions; again, these figures are only applicable if there was no negligence involved!

You Should Prepare yourself for Lawsuit

Before you talk to anyone, it’s important to be prepared for a lawsuit. If your dog bites someone and that person sues you for damages, the first thing they will want is money. You should have an attorney on standby so that if this happens, he or she can help guide you through the process of getting yourself out of trouble and into court.

You don’t want to be in this situation, but if you are, here’s how to handle it.

If your dog has bitten someone else and you have to deal with the situation, it can be a stressful time. You want to be prepared for any legal obligations that arise from his behavior and make sure that both parties understand their respective rights and responsibilities.