Public Transit Accident Lawyers in Nepean, Grimsby and Timmins

In Ontario, public transit is considered one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of getting around. But despite its low cost, safety and convenience, it doesn’t come without risks.

Duty of Care

From municipal public transportation services to private companies, our Ontario transit moves people millions of kilometres each year. But as any other method of transportation, they owe their passengers, pedestrians and other drivers a duty of care.

The Complexity of Public Transit Claims

Although public transit accidents are less common than other motor vehicle accidents, they can and do happen. As experienced public transit accident lawyers in Nepean, Grimsby and Timmins and throughout Ontario, we know that nearly half of all public transit accidents could have been prevented.

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    When Negligence is Involved

    Claims involving public transit injuries are often much more complex. When it comes to public transit claims, typically they will go through the injured party’s own insurance. But what happens if these benefits are insufficient? And what happens if it’s determined that there was negligence involved? Public transit companies sometimes contract with outside agencies which can make them even more involved. When public transit is involved in an accident, it is often not clear where the liability lies. It can lie with

    • Operator error or impairment
    • Maintenance of the vehicle
    • Defective equipment
    • Equipment failure
    • Management company
    • A private rideshare driver
    • Infrastructure
    • Another driver
    • Weather conditions

    Because there are so many variables when considering these claims such as the different type of transportation, who it is owned by, what caused the accident and whether there was negligence involved, it is very difficult for the average person to know whether their claim has been fairly processed and considered. That is when the skill of a personal injury lawyer is so important

    Understanding Your Legal Rights in a Public Transit Claim

    Determining liability when it comes to public transit often requires lengthy and in-depth investigations, often having to do with government agencies and bureaucracy.  Sometimes, the cause of the accident can be attributed to several different factors. A victim should consult with a legal professional to fully understand his or her rights before accepting any insurance settlement.

    Compensation for Your Injuries

    When it comes to public transit accidents, injuries and the costs surrounding them can be extensive. If you have been injured in a public transit accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for those injuries:

    • Medical expenses
    • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
    • Lost wages
    • In-home assistance for personal needs

    If you have been injured in a public transit accident in Nepean, Grimsby and Timmins or elsewhere in Ontario, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. At Barapp Law Firm and Associates, we take these types of accidents very seriously and are never intimidated by large transit companies or their insurance companies and lawyers. Call our experienced personal injury team for a no-cost consultation.