Should I Get A Lawyer After A Truck Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident, you must know your rights. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of what happened and how to handle it. However, you don’t want to be left out in the cold regarding your legal rights. Fortunately, a personal injury lawyer in Nepean, specializing in truck accidents can help you navigate this complicated process.

Truck Accidents are Dangerous

• Trucks are heavier and can weigh up to 10 times more than cars. This means that even if a truck driver travels only five miles per hour over the speed limit, it will take six-and-a-half feet for a truck to stop — a distance that would only require two feet for a car to stop.
• Truck drivers often work long hours and drive long distances to earn more money. Unfortunately, this can lead to fatigue, significantly increasing the likelihood of an accident.
• Trucks also have blind spots where they cannot see anything behind them or on either side of their vehicle, making it difficult to see other vehicles approaching from around corners or backing up.
• Car drivers may not be familiar with driving near large trucks because most people don’t encounter them daily, so they might not know how to react when they see one on the road or in parking lots.

In addition to these factors, truck accidents are more likely to occur on highways or other major roadways where traffic is fast-moving and often congested. This makes them more likely to result in serious injuries or fatalities. An Injury Lawyer in Nepean will work closely with their clients throughout filing a claim to understand what actions are needed before filing any paperwork with the court system.

How Can A Truck Accident Attorney Help?

Insurance companies are not in the business of defending your rights. They are in the business of paying as little money as possible for injuries sustained by their insureds. When a trucking company is involved, the insurance company will often try to hide behind their insured and make you prove that the trucking company was actually at fault.

In some cases, proving that a trucking company was at fault can be challenging because a larger corporation owns them with deep pockets and many resources to fight claims against them. However, it is not impossible to win these types of cases if you have an experienced truck accident attorney on your side.

A lawyer will represent you in court and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. They can also help by explaining the process and keeping you updated during the proceedings. The more informed you are about your case, the better equipped you’ll be to make decisions that are in your best interest.