What Are Some Examples of Product Liability That Warrant Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Product liability is a legal concept that protects consumers from dangerous products. This broad term can cover a wide variety of situations, including any situation in which a product causes harm to someone after it has been purchased. Thousands of lawsuits are filed yearly in Canada because of defective products. These cases can be extremely complex and difficult to understand, but there are some common examples of product liability that warrant hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Nepean.

Product liability can be divided into two areas: manufacturing defects and design defects.

• Manufacturing defects occur when something goes wrong in the production process and results in a defective product. These defects are usually easy to spot because they are apparent flaws, such as cracks or dents in an automobile door panel.
• Design defects occur when the design of a product is inherently flawed and makes it more likely that someone will be injured while using the product. Examples of this include:
• Defective vehicle tires can cause blowouts or tread separation that can lead to loss of control over your vehicle, which can endanger your life or cause severe injuries if you hit another vehicle or object while driving at high speeds.
• Children’s toys with small parts that come loose and pose choking hazards for young children are another example of design defects.

A lawyer will research relevant laws and precedents in your jurisdiction, interview witnesses, negotiate with insurance companies and fight on your behalf during litigation if necessary.

• Defective Design: The entire line of a product is faulty because it has a poor design. This defect is often found in clothing and other items with a single design flaw that makes them dangerous to use.
• Failure to Warn: The manufacturer failed to safely provide adequate instructions or warnings about using their product or any associated dangers. If there were no warning labels on your TV remote control telling you not to hold it too close to your face, this could be considered a failure to warn under product liability laws.

When you need help with a product liability claim, turn to a personal injury attorney. Product liability laws vary by state and can be complex. An Injury Lawyer knows how these cases work and will ensure your claim is filed correctly according to your state’s rules and regulations. They can help you with the following:

• Getting medical treatment after an accident caused by another party’s negligence or carelessness
• Gathering medical records and other evidence needed to support your claim
• Negotiating with insurance adjusters or settling out of court
• Preparing paperwork and presenting your case in court