What Part Does Lawyer Play In Settlement of Lawsuit?

The Injury Lawyers in Nepean hired by an injured accident victim has acquired the skills needed for negotiating on behalf of his/her client.

Formal steps that might be taken by lawyers during a personal injury lawsuit

Aids creation of strategy for replying to a defendant’s motion for summary judgment. Speaks on plaintiff’s behalf, when fighting for an appeal. This step could arise early in the lawsuit process, following the filing of a complaint. If the lawyer’s efforts did not achieve the desired result, the judge would not allow a continuation of the procedures associated with the lawsuit.

Could need to offer arguments on the admission of certain items of evidence. If introduced, this particular step would follow any contentious discussions that have followed issuance of a motion for summary judgment. Depending on the nature of the evidence, a judge’s approval of the discussed evidentiary material could push a defendant to agree to a settlement.

In absence of settlement, helps to coordinate the exchange of evidence during the discovery process. That exchange could take place during a deposition, or it could be the end result of an interrogatory. A lawyer’s help would be needed during any depositions, or during compilation and review of any interrogatories.

Informal steps that all lawyers take during the attempt to resolve the dispute

Offer guidance to client whenever the opponent has presented an offer, in hopes of achieving a settlement: An attorney would let his/her client know whether or not it would be wise to accept the presented offer.

When might a client seek an attorney’s guidance? That could happen at almost any point of the claims process. An attorney’s guidance could prove especially useful, if the adjuster in the insurance company of the responsible party has chosen to come forward with a low-ball bid.

Insurance companies know that many victims are eager to receive some money. Yet, it makes no sense to go along with any settlement terms, until a victim has arrived at the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI). Lawyers’ training has made them aware of that fact.

Later, after lengthy negotiations, a claimant/client might feel that a recent offer has come close to the amount that he or she had hoped to receive. Still, that same client/claimant would want to make sure that agreeing to the proposed amount would not shortchange him/her. A lawyer’s guidance could work to limit the development of such fears.

Of course, as stated, all lawyers’ guiding words to a client represent an informal aspect of the lawsuit process. Still, any one of them could affect the client’s decision, and could influence clients’ thinking. That is why each such word qualifies as part of the personal injury lawsuit and its associated procedures.